Jana -janardhana Reddy is a NLP Master Practitioner from NFNLP USA, Clinical Hypnotherapist from EKAA Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, Access Bars Facilitator from Access Consciousness USA , Hypnobirthing Educator from Mongan Institute USA ,Reiki Master from ICRT USA , Tarot Card Reader, Redikall Healing Practitioner from Omnipresence Academy, Theta Healing Practitioner, PGTRT from Tasso Institute , Netherlands. EKAA Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1 trainer, Sound Healing Practitioner, Auto Writer, Reconnective Healing Practitioner,Intuitive Reader, Member of Tokyo Meditation society and offering a entire range of holistic productsAD55DE41-2C4B-4DB2-8333-5D84FA5063CE