Shree Yantra Mandala with crystals

A very interesting guidance I received to work on a Shree Yantra Mandala with crystals. During my recent visit to Arunachala Hill at Thiruvannamalai I was guided to work on Shree Yantra Mandala along with crystals . It started of with buying a canvas board and fixing Yantra template on the board. Later it started with coloring the mandala. Coloring the Mandala was like going through a trance. Later on crystals were placed and fixed intuitively. Black tourmaline triangle was used in the middle of the yantra , followed by Brazilian Amethyst tumbles. Outer two Amethyst single terminated Pencils were placed and other two corners Lemurian quartz was fixed. A alternative combination of Single terminated clear quartz and lemurian quartz was placed. Outer four corners round black tourmaline was fixed to give a completion. Here is the image of the yantra mandala that was created.

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