Sound Healing with Metallophone

During my recent visit to Auroville – I had sneaked into Svaram Musical Center and was exploring various sound healing instruments that they have and also developing . I played few minutes on their outdoor Metallophone and picked up one table top 8 tone Metallophone. The sounds are so soothing and aligns your energy body.

Journey to Akasha

My journey to find my life purpose. I was being always pulled into traveling to higher realms to find out what is my current life purpose. I took several sessions to find out my life purpose through Hypnosis and Regression Therapy and my own meditation journeys various times. Each was throwing up images of my future work, location. It took some time to get a harmony with what was being shown and what needs to be put into actions.

I am still finding my foot print on this journey to find my self – SELF ENQUIRY – hopefully leading into. TRANCE- FORMATION.

Will post more on the journey that I took to Akasha

Shree Yantra Mandala with crystals

A very interesting guidance I received to work on a Shree Yantra Mandala with crystals. During my recent visit to Arunachala Hill at Thiruvannamalai I was guided to work on Shree Yantra Mandala along with crystals . It started of with buying a canvas board and fixing Yantra template on the board. Later it started with coloring the mandala. Coloring the Mandala was like going through a trance. Later on crystals were placed and fixed intuitively. Black tourmaline triangle was used in the middle of the yantra , followed by Brazilian Amethyst tumbles. Outer two Amethyst single terminated Pencils were placed and other two corners Lemurian quartz was fixed. A alternative combination of Single terminated clear quartz and lemurian quartz was placed. Outer four corners round black tourmaline was fixed to give a completion. Here is the image of the yantra mandala that was created.